Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada
Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada

Breaking the contract

If you leave your job, your employer must provide you with a Record of Employment (ROE). Only your employer can get and complete this document. The ROE shows how many weeks you worked and how much you earned. It will be required if you apply for employment insurance benefits. Keep this record in a safe place even if you are not applying for employment insurance benefits.

It will help to show your work record and can serve as the proof that you have worked the necessary length of time as set out in Live-In Caregiver Program regulations. Your employer cannot refuse to give you a Record of Employment. If you are having difficulty getting your ROE, contact your local Canada Employment Centre and ask that Investigation and Control officials follow up with your employer.

A statement of earnings explaining hours worked and deductions made would also be helpful. Your employer can do this; it would be a good idea, in fact, to put in your contract that you wish to receive a detailed explanation of earnings and deductions with every pay. Remember that if you change jobs, you should make another contract with the new employer.

Note: Any employee who leaves live-in care giving work and takes employment as a live-out worker can be disqualified from the program.

New nannies

Mary-Chris, caregiver in Canada

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